About us

Simplifying intelligence creation together

We are a tech company that develops an open-source Deep Learning framework, optimized for both training and inference, serving as the foundation for any intelligent system.

As a complement, we are building a comprehensive software platform for automating all machine learning operations. Our work plays a crucial role in democratizing the future of intelligent systems and their applications across various industries, while also contributing to the advancement of AI technology.

Our mission:

To make the Deep Learning landscape more reliable, efficient, and portable for everyone, by providing open-source technologies and accessible tools.

We are driven by pushing the boundaries in Deep Learning! Through our open-source technologies and user-friendly tools, we're making sure AI is reliable, efficient, and portable for everyone so that the creation of intelligent systems is accessible and straightforward for all.

Our vision:

A future where anyone can easily and effortlessly craft intelligence without unnecessary limitations.

Our goal is to help researchers and engineers bring their vision to life by building a Deep Learning framework that enables faster iteration, better reliability, and improved performance. Our initiative aims to address the known limitations within the existing ecosystem that currently impede the progress of AI.

Burn: An open-source Deep Learning framework designed to be reliable, efficient and portable.

Positioning statement

For visionaries seeking accessible, user-friendly & reliable solutions in crafting intelligence.

We're committed to empowering both aspiring developers and seasoned industry professionals, regardless of their background or resources. Our positioning statement underscores this commitment. Our solution, a Deep Learning framework crafted entirely in Rust, provides an accessible, user-friendly, and reliable alternative in the current landscape.

Tracel means

innovation, community collaboration, openness, transparency, empowerment, reliability, efficiency, democratization, advancement of AI, visionary leadership and responsibility.

But at its core...

Core Values

Fostering an environment where both successes and challenges are openly communicated.
We believe in maximizing our potential within a world of limited resources.
Continuous Improvement
We should always strive to surpass our limits in everything we do.
To us, transparency is not just a word; it's a guiding principle rooted in open communication. In our community, we openly share both our triumphs and our challenges. Such honesty not only connects us but also humanizes our experiences. We celebrate every facet of our journey —the highs, the lows, and all the moments in between. True greatness arises from embracing this remarkable journey in its entirety, and it's a story worth sharing with everyone.
At our core, we hold efficiency as our driving force. In a world challenged by limited resources, we see it as a vital tool to unlock our true potential. Efficiency not only guides us towards excellence but also allows us to achieve remarkable feats within constraints. It encourages resourcefulness and innovative problem-solving. Through efficiency, challenges transform into opportunities, and limitations spark ingenuity. We strive to empower others to optimize their efforts, firmly believing that success stems from maximizing the resources available to us.
Continuous Improvement
Positively embracing change propels us toward a brighter tomorrow, marked by continuous growth. We break free from complacency, fostering progress both personally and professionally. Setbacks transform into stepping stones, challenges turn into growth opportunities, and every step beyond our limits brings us closer to a more promising future.